Tiny House for Under $1,000


Looking for a tiny home of your dreams? You would like such a dwelling but are reluctant to spending much on it? We introduce you to the arched cabin! The standard 8 by 8 model can be yours for under $1,000 but if you want, there are larger sizes like 24 by 24. Not only you can save a lot of money by choosing this particular type of tiny home, but the company that sells them will also construct the entire thing after delivering it to your address. The design is modern and you are free to decorate it in any way you want. Browse through the pictures to get a better view of what life in one of these cabins would be like.

Arched Cabins prides ourselves on having designed an efficient, cost effective, durable, attractive, and easy-to-build structure with multiple uses. Arched Cabins can be used for workshops, animal shelters, vacation homes, RV shelters, retirement homes, hunting lodges, and many other uses!










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368 Responses to “Tiny House for Under $1,000”

  1. Pamela Ross says:

    Where can you live with these? A lot of places had outlawed them.

    • Serious? says:

      Outlawed?? The hell?

      • Will Vafuth says:

        yeah, just like some states/localities make it pretty much illegal to live off the grid. so much for freedom

      • Chris says:

        If I had to guess, it would either be about zoning (you don’t want multiple families cramming in to areas zoned for single family), or safety (might not meet building codes- hurricane, earthquake, or fire concerns).

        • Alice says:

          No , they outlaw them cause they want to keep the poor from building and they want the permits and septic all built before allowing you to be on land. Its all about the money. Our state wont allow anything under 600 sq ft.

    • Karen says:

      They aren’t “outlawed” some of the issues were many people were adding tiny homes to their backyards and there were zoning issues within the cities. Also some of the tiny house don’t meet building codes for many cities. A lot of cities require a minimum square footage for new construction.

      • Chan says:

        No, they are absolutely outlawed in many places. Here, for example, any home put down has to be at least 1000 sq feet, and must be connected to the power grid. Smaller and/or unconnected are against the law.

        • jamie says:

          Thank god I live in new York lol. One of the toughest states to live in and yet no size requirements and connection to the grid is not required. Even where things are typically required the are legal loop holes that can overcome many of the obstacles. Many states will work with you if you do the leg work and stay on top of things.

    • Becki says:

      I know many townships in Michigan don’t require a building permit for “sheds” under 200 sq ft. We have some property in the U.P. that one of these would look wonderful on. I wish they made a 12×18 though.
      I’ve always liked this kind of design, even for barns.

    • David says:

      Out laced them HOW and for WHAT reason ????? That makes NO sense ……

    • wayne says:

      how do i get one and who installs it i want the biggest one you have installed on my land in cripple creek colorado need names and numbers

    • Warren says:

      If you stick it on wheels its a caravan and needs to meet road transport refs. If you stick it on the back of your section in most councils anything under 10sq metres doesn’t need a build permit. If you go above 10 sq metres just get a building permit. That way you can connect water bathroom and plumbing.

      If you can’t afford building permit, you can’t afford to build anyway.
      If you want to sneak off and put something up without a permit, then yes it is illegal and you will just buy yourself a lot of trouble.

      Personally I think these kitsets are awesome

  2. Julie says:

    Where are you located?
    Interested in hearing more
    Thank you

    • Matthias Jordan says:

      Hello – do you know if this tiny houses are also available in Germany ?

      Looking forward for an answer …

      smiles, Matthias

  3. Charles Austin says:

    I am very interested in this product. Specifically, the 24*40. I have several questions. To Start off:
    Is it rated for the South. What wind rating does it have?
    25*40 is 960 sq feet. How much room have you seen can be built into a loft?
    For build up, do you have a fee for this? What plans do you have available? Can they be altered?
    Can it be built on a slab or does it have to be on a raised floor?
    What is covered by the build?

  4. Lanita says:

    Do the larger ones come with a kitchen and bathroom installed?
    Are they allowed on Rv sites?

    • Cindy says:

      I have seen a regular (not on a trailer, well it had skirting around it so maybe is on a trailer) tiny house at an RV site here in Las Vegas (LV RV park on Nellis Blvd) I was told it’s a rental not a privately owned one but not sure about that, But you could call and ask.

  5. Gaye says:

    Very interested in these tiny homes. Would like more information and how can I get one.

  6. Samantha says:

    I was interested in these and was wondering where to purchase and is there assembly required or does it come put together?

  7. Carla Madden says:

    I’m very interested in building on of these on my Mothers property in Gulf Hills Ocean Springs, MS 39564 which is on a Gulf Couse and was My Granddaddy’s Summer Home since the 1940’s. It is now my Mother’s resident and has enough property to build at least two. One for myself and one for my Brother so we can be there for her.

  8. mehr kian says:

    i would like to know more about your other productions specialy flexibels type invite you to try in our country.
    all the best
    mehr kian

  9. Sean Mcneill says:

    Please email me more info on this tiny homes please

  10. Matt says:

    Please send me some blue prints that you have for the 24′ 3bed 2-3bath

  11. Jocelyn says:

    Could you send more details thank you jocelyn

  12. Vidhya Hemmady says:

    Can we have these homes in India? Am interested. Hiw much would it cost here in India? How much time would it take to install?

  13. Nancy Nathan says:

    Can the 8×12 be made to fit on a trailer to be mobile?
    And does this just include the shell?

  14. Lisa says:

    These are great

  15. Giles G.B. says:

    Keep seeing these articles for tiny homes that make claims for building one for $1000 or $5000.00 or whatever. Have never seen anybody break down the cost though. I used to build houses and know how to price out jobs. Assuming running water and electricity the house pictured above would cost at least 20k and probably 30k for the materials alone. Can not see if they put in insulation in the exterior walls but in 90% of the climates in the U.S you would want it and would add at least 2-3k to the price tag. If anybody Knows cheaper sources for materials please let me know.

    • Jody says:

      I always like to see someone with some knowledge of a subject respond. Thanks for the additional information.

    • Shelley Gardner says:

      I said the same thing to my husband- the cost is for exterior shell only. Everything else- foundation, insulation, interior finished walls, finished flooring, and as you said- running water, toilet, electricity, that kitchen and 2nd story loft are all extras at normal cost of regular housing. Insulation is a must, as would be heating and air-conditioning.

  16. Jeanne Travis says:

    Can the 24 X 24 be built on a slab foundation? Can it also be a completely open floor plan? I want to build a handicap adapted home on a small budget.

    • Carolyn says:

      I was wondering the same about open concept, to customize for my wheelchair access. I am also wondering about insulation and heating sources, as I live in Canada, with -30 degree winters and very high winds!

  17. Stefanos limperis says:

    I would like to buy ohne of These homes

  18. cindy says:

    If only I had a miracle for one of these then my fear of my family being homeless could vanish. These are beautiful. Blessed people that have them. God bless all.

  19. nele says:

    in what country csn you get these houses

  20. Gaston Santos Mendoza says:

    Me interesa el concepto quiero mas informacion

  21. Caron says:

    Love it ,would you come to South Australia, kangaroo island

  22. Jake says:

    Transparent panels or skylights would be nice.

  23. Bruce Glass says:

    Turn key prices for 600-800 sq ft. Elko Nevada.
    Email contact for design dept.

  24. Emily says:

    Where are the sellers located for the tiny homes? What is their website?

  25. David Brownfield says:

    What comes in the kits ?

  26. Arian says:

    Not one of the cabins on this page is the $1,000 model. A bit misleading, I’d say. The place does offer very inexpensive cabins, but a livable unit is closer to $5k.

  27. Awesome says:

    Heya, could you give an idea on the price to deliver a kitset 20’x40 to Rotorua, New Zealand? Would be great if you could e-mail me.

    Ta, Mike.

  28. Mike kelley says:

    Hi dose your 24×32 have a loft? What i need is 800sq feet so what ever design the loft will be part of the 800sq feet i hpoe that makes cents

  29. Sharon Atwood says:

    Hello my name is Sharon Atwood I ‘m dreaming about Arched Cabins but my own property land And my own place blank

  30. Mark says:

    Do y’all have bigger floor plans

  31. Natasha says:

    Hi i am looking for a price snd whars included for an 8 x 8
    Kit i am looking at it for a massage/ beauty room would this be suit a suitable size when finished ?

  32. Jerrie Leslie says:

    Would like more info on the 24′ × 40′

  33. Joyce says:

    Any insulation?

  34. Mindi says:

    How are these hooked up to water and for the toilet?

  35. Sherry Hendricks says:

    Do you offer payment plans

  36. Sherry Hendricks says:

    I’m on disability SSI ,ssda I am interested in arched cabin

  37. Sherry Hendricks says:

    I’m on disability SSI ,ssda I am interested in arched cabin ,do you deliver in Florida.
    Is there a payment plan

  38. mi pyare lal says:


  39. Sharon Alexander says:

    Would like more info

  40. Ken says:

    Can you send me a more info or a brochure and price list

  41. Mark santos says:

    Like to have a brosuer about them. Everything if possible I’m really interesting in one thanks 225spanish lake drive Nokomis fla34275

  42. Melissa says:

    How do I get in touch with them

  43. Janet says:

    Do you have finance?

  44. Crystal Harrington says:

    Can you please send me more information on these homes/builinds?
    I would like contact info to be included.

    1888 Six Mile Rd
    Traverse City, MI 49696

    Thank you!!!

  45. Galyn Ned says:

    I am very interested in one of the homes.

  46. Capespear@msn.com says:

    Like to know more bc canada

  47. Stephen Worthington says:

    Do you build them Illinois

  48. Brian says:

    Are these kits only or do you guys actually assemble them?

  49. J. T. Kelly says:

    Looks very intresting.

  50. Lynda says:

    Do you export to Australia?

  51. Julie Reyna says:

    Hi. I’m interested in your 14×14 cabin. Does that price include delivery and set up? Thanks!

  52. Lti says:

    dude brought about a dude brought about about Shaka brother brother it

  53. Lti says:

    ut Shaka brother brother it

  54. Angela says:

    I there I was just wondering where are yall located??and do you ship to Canada? ??

  55. Charlene Adams says:

    Hi would you deliver arched cabin to northland bz

  56. Ruxandra says:

    I would like more information and where is their localization

  57. Marcia Motsoene says:

    Where can I buy this?

  58. ronnie tata says:

    So interested in one

  59. ronnie tata says:

    So would love to see planz

  60. Mary Smith says:

    I’m interested in the home designs and hope one day I will own one.

  61. gina crawford says:

    I would like more information about this offer

  62. Lynn Walker says:

    Can you construct one of the smaller cabins $1000 on wheels so you can have travel?? How much does this run if you constructed it on wheels. You did the work inside and out

  63. Sharon Abbott says:

    On our lake.

  64. Rick bratka says:

    Would like catolog mail to me please

    7931 n jaguarundi lane
    Tucson, Arizona 85743

  65. Marion Hunt says:

    Put in price list, but no company contact info at all, not even the name. Someone who makes ads really sucks at it…

  66. Kenny Gilder says:

    It would be helpful to have placed the name of this company into the article so those of us that are interested have a contact!!!

  67. Antionette says:

    That’s the prices to own one? How much a studio or one bedroom

  68. Raelyn says:

    What is the snow load rating?

  69. William mister says:

    Im very interested my address is 6750 church hill rd chestertown Maryland zip is 21620 cell# is 4434047318 could u send floor plans on you’re many options along with the prices thank

  70. Tanya says:

    Are these available in australia??

  71. Dale Wairau says:

    Can you send more information please. We live in New Zealand, us there a distributor based here.

  72. Matthew says:

    I need this

  73. Beverly castagna says:

    Can you send brochure to e-mail or home

  74. Myfanwy meilen says:

    I want to buy one how is it I can’t find out how to order

  75. JanMarie Schneider says:

    I am interestef in receiving more information.

  76. Annette says:

    Love your tina houses

  77. Llanace says:

    Id like more info on your home’s do u do payment plans please reply to me thanks

    • Kacky says:

      The caption under the last photo says archedcabins.com so that is the site where these are sold, and where they have contact info so you can ask your questions.

  78. Betty Deleon says:

    Would like more info. What is covered, where they can be built, what is included in price, etc.

  79. dave says:

    do you have in canada near ottawa on where i live

  80. Cheryl Herrera says:

    I would love more info on these cabins! Ones with kitchen and bathroom.

  81. jeanine & malcolm says:

    I want 1.. Few of questions.. Do u assemble?? Is delivery & labour included n da price?? Do u do time payments?? Permits & consents do u cover those?? Or is dat 4 da buyer 2 sort out?? Da plumber & electrician r dae part of yor team?? Or r they left 4 da buyer 2 organize??

  82. JoEmma Eanni- Rheinschmidt says:

    in Trinidad ,ca. on Calif Northern coast, was interested in .. if they could fit a flat bed… just to make it mobil….

  83. Jee Eanni- Rheinschmidt says:

    where are you, what is insulation?.. rating? and could I build it on a trailer,

  84. quinton king says:

    Where are these plz what country

  85. Sharon Moskal says:

    I need a place to live in on my 15 acres. I’m 53 just divorced. No money to buid a house. Its just for my son an i. Would like to know if you do leasing. Property is all ready. Electric, water, an septic.

  86. phyllis ericksen says:

    please send me contact info and website to view these tiny homes…..i am interested.
    thank you.

  87. James says:

    Hey everyone I see a lot of questions thought I would help. Info can be found at archedcabins.com this is a diy kit, it includes ribs, ridge beams, insulation, roof paneling, trim and fastners that is , no interior no end caps only the arch. Based out of Texas they deliver to the lower 48 US and (Canada and Alaska if multiple orders). Conforms to the 2012 IBC minimum 150 mph wind and 30 pcf snow load. Standard with R-13 upgradeable to R-25 insulation. Technical drawings available for $150 USD. No financing available aside from 50% on order 50% before delivery. I hope this helps some. I am not affiliated with this company in any way just like to help out when and where I can.

  88. Jennifer M Bailey says:

    Who do I contact to get one of these? Where are you located? And where all do you deliver to?

  89. Holly George says:

    Can these be built on the Oregon coast?

  90. Katrina Rogerson says:

    I know all of these people aren’t dumb but come on really. Go to Archedcabin.com it’s really not hard to do. The main company is in Cypress, Texas.

  91. Sandy driskill says:

    Would like more info on a 8×12 tiny house. Looking to buy and have placed in the next few months. Will be waiting to hear from you guys.

  92. Nick mortemain says:

    Please send prices Inc delivery to dance

  93. Lisa says:

    Would like more information on these cabins please the larger ones please

  94. Laura Harber says:

    Would love to hear more about this product, like how warm are they and do you do this in Texas and do you finance homes.

  95. Janet Green says:

    Hi are these available in New Zealand please? Am very interested!

  96. Julie says:

    Please send me more info. I’m very interested 🙂

  97. wiki says:

    Can these be shipped to nz?where are they illegal?

  98. llanace says:

    Do u build them for new Zealand

  99. Simon Bird says:

    Keen to purchase one or two of these for my premises in Hastings..Can we meet to organise please

  100. Cande says:

    Hi, can you let me know if you can send the kitset to NZ. very interested in a studio on my land. Thanks

  101. Ana says:

    Interested is there a company doing this in New Zealand?

  102. Lovenia Hillman says:

    Where r u based. U need to open a business in new zealand far north. You would make a killing. Our Maori have a lot of land just find it hard to occupy it. If u meed a sales person I am it. If u r genuine I can help u if u help me and my people

  103. waii says:

    Can you please send me more info about these.

  104. Elsa says:

    would like to know more- interested in the 12X12. Is delivery and construction included in the price, is lining, fixtures & fittings included?

  105. Kelley says:

    Did you get a reply Mike of Rotorua I’d love one of these for a Kaumatua flat on whanau land in Rotorua

  106. Marie Jones says:

    Would like to use as a shop

  107. Steve dickinson says:

    Can you send me more information on these?

  108. Francis says:

    I would like to have two. Can you email me more information, please.

  109. KB says:

    What is the cost of the 12×12 in CDN and shipping cost to V0e 1M0, thank you

  110. Dorothy says:

    How do you keep condensation off insulation and inside walls without sheeting first?

  111. Zella meaders says:

    Looking for this.Were are you at? What is included?

  112. Debra odum says:

    I would like more info please

  113. Patrick healey says:

    Please send specs for the 24 x 40 model

  114. Zubin says:

    Please let me know if this is available in india

  115. Martha blakley says:

    Interested..please call,or pp me…would like more info..

  116. Tonia says:

    Hello I would love more info on the tiny house, Arched cabin, or 16×16 what about kitchen assembly, Just want some info looking to purchase soon.

  117. Brenda Robinson says:

    Interested in largest model. Do they have washer dryer hookups? Please send all info

  118. A peters says:

    Hi could u please email me details about these and do u have payment options thanks

  119. Linda says:

    Could you please send me information about tiny homes?

  120. Mike says:

    It’s in the picture folks



  121. Kelsey says:

    Would like more information. thanks

  122. Thomas says:

    I’m interested where is located more info

  123. Sonya Martin says:

    Where can I get one of these?

  124. Patsy says:

    Boston, MA, USA would never in a million years allow anybody to have this on their property. If they ever did, they’d hit us with a million and one taxes.

  125. Craig says:

    What’s the deal do u have to assemble do u have to pick up where r u based?

  126. Paul H. says:

    I would like more info on these cabins,
    Thank you.

  127. Bella says:

    Looking for info on shipping on an 8×8 and/or 8×12 to northportal sk canada

  128. Rev Dr Marita Lawler says:


    I am interested in your design and wondered if this tiny house can be insulated for use and withstand the snow in Alaska?

    I have property and would like to consider this design for a Mother-in-Law cottage.

    Please advise on the possibilities. Thanks

  129. Leo Nenry says:

    Interested in purchasing one of the bigger models 24×24 or perhaps larger…..are they finished inside…do I have to assemble….are they winterized….live in Ontario Canada….thanks

  130. leo henry says:

    Would be interested in becoming a distributor for your tiny homes in Ontario Canada…..A real need for this type of home exists here….thanks for your time…..

  131. Byron Braxton says:

    Are these legal in Tennessee?

  132. Kristen says:

    I would love to get one of these for a special person I know

  133. Kimberly says:

    I am bee intrested, would love to know more please

  134. Jessie says:

    Do you come to different states?

  135. Estha says:

    I would like to know more info please

  136. Ricky Lordy says:

    very interested

  137. Joseph Palmer says:

    Any garage pictures available ?

  138. Gina batten says:

    Do you deliver and instal in spain?

  139. Debbie Brewer says:

    Please send me more info on the tiny houses. I have a piece of land I would love to build on. Water and electric is already on site. Very Interested. Thank you

  140. Mike says:

    These things look fantastic!
    Can you please send me more information like what it includes, shipping cost, ect

  141. Kim Allen says:

    Please send brochure and contact information.

  142. Becky says:

    This is just an article about the company, this isn’t their contact page or website. I don’t imagine the company will see your questions here. I suggest following the link to their actual website that is provided, I pulled their contact info for you all from there. Phone – (832) 930-ARCH
    Email – archedcabins@gmail.com. Happy hunting.

  143. susan hodgins says:

    I live on Mayne Island BC Canada and an VERY interested in buying one of your house kits please send info asap thanks 🙂

  144. Carol says:

    You all aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box huh? This is just a BLOG. the link to the manufacturer of these homes is archedcabins.com that’s who you need to direct questions too, news.

  145. Kayla says:

    Where are yous located I’m very interested and would like to know more .

  146. Jamie says:

    I would like more information on the 20’x30′ cabin please ! Like what is all covered in the build, if you can add sky lights, etc. thank you !

  147. Di Roberts says:

    Please make contact with me regarding the structures

  148. David says:

    Information please.. Email please. Thx

  149. Rory McAllister says:

    Would like more information about these homes

  150. Charles Parker says:

    would like some more information on how to purchase 1 of your tiny homes, cabin,sheds,

  151. Susan williams says:

    Would love more info please like how much for a 3 bed room 2 toilets 1shower to be built in st helens tasmania thanx

  152. Christine says:

    Do you ship to New Zealand please

  153. Ana G Rodriguez says:

    Would like inf and a phone#

  154. Cindy says:

    Please send me info with price list and financing if any. Also, do you deliver to WA state, and if so, how difficult is it to get a permit for these?

  155. Linda says:

    Are they available in Canada?

  156. Beth johnson says:

    More info on 24 arched cabin please

  157. Bonnie Corbin says:

    I am really intrested and would love more info like are they rated for Hurricane winds ? And does this include everything in your pricing ? Please send a detail list of what is all included.

  158. Carrol says:

    Where are you located?
    I’m south of Dallas. I do not have my own land, but will work on that part!

  159. Debra Bond says:

    Interested in a 20×40, do you install the bathroom plumbing and fixtures, or just shell?

  160. Sherrie Gatenby says:

    Are these available in Canada? I would like a price list please. I live in Ontario and am looking to go off grid. Interested in 14 foot wide and up pricing.

  161. Lora says:

    How do I get in touch with someone for questions and purchase?

  162. sharon says:

    Love these tiny homes …more imformation please..

  163. Andrew Greiman says:

    So where do I buy a cabin?

  164. Nicholas Ast says:

    Could you please email me more information on the 24×32 floor plan please. Thank you

  165. Melia ortega says:

    Id like info on all tiny houses also a price list id like to buy 2 of them on for my mom and another for my lil brother ..id like info ASAP plz .

  166. Natashia says:

    What all is included in the kit? Extra costs for delivery and installation? Can it handle large amounts of snow?

  167. Dannie says:

    I am interested in getting more information on the 20 wide arched cabins ie construction specs etc please forward me the information

  168. Gabriel says:

    Can I get more info? Do you guys sell and install in California?

  169. Lindy says:

    Please can you send me some more info. Do you sell this in south Africa?

  170. Merrie says:

    Would love more information on these houses, sound a great price but not sure what it includes; insulated? kitchen and bathroom? etc. Are they available in NZ; kitset would be fine.

  171. Wilray says:

    Just wondering about where you are? Anyone in NZ doing these?

  172. Tammy Wilesmith says:

    Hi interested in the 24×24 for around 7k id this for you guys to also put it up ?? If not do u and wats the extra cost 0455596400

  173. Linda says:

    Hello. Very interested in these homes but I live in Europe. Do you provide these in Europe? Namely Ireland? Thanks for your time.

  174. Topaz Green says:

    Would like info on this, specs on what it takes for set up, obviously a prepared site with a slab or footings, some contact info would be nice as well.

  175. Rick Dolph says:

    Could you send me information on these please?

  176. Patricia Sterling says:

    I would like to get more information on these cabins. They are very much to my liking and budget.

  177. Stef says:

    Info please

  178. Deb says:

    There are so many good questions asked, and shared by others, but I don’t seem to be able to see the answers. Can you tell ne how to see them? If in fact they are not visible, why post them? Thank you.

  179. Kim says:

    For more information that everyone is looking for go to their website which is located underneath the last picture. Or click on this link archedcabins.com.

  180. Linda Fowler says:

    Im interested. Do you have a mail order catalog? Interested in the largest one. Do you build them in TN NC Ga or Alabama? Does the price include windows wiring cabinets sink plumbing. Please email me or PM me. Thank you

  181. Holly moore says:

    Interested in the 1400. One. Where are you?

  182. Terry Gassett says:

    Would like more information and how can I get one.

  183. Teresa says:

    I am looking for something like this in Florida. Can you hello me?

  184. Cris says:

    Would love more info on a 24×40 home. What does it include?

  185. Pat Wilson says:

    Great idea and plans. I would love to get more info. Where are you located. Please email with website to do further research or to get in touch with you

  186. Adele hepko says:

    What is need for downpayment?

  187. Stella says:

    I’m in Nassau NY. Can I have it in my backyard for my son. Please ASAP

  188. Erin Strickland says:

    Does the 24×40 come with the stairs? Also do any of them include the door and windows?

  189. Jay Temp says:

    Hi, I was wondering about your 24’×40′. I live in California can I get more information about this Unit please thank you.

  190. Rick says:

    Do u deliver to Australia, and cost to do so please?

  191. Arlene says:

    I would like more information on the homes. Can you put heat in them. Are these units that can be set up in mobile home parks?

  192. Padre says:

    I wish to get more information please. Thanks…. Looks very customizable, and a very efficient design.

  193. chante says:

    I’d love to know more please

  194. Robin Ulm says:

    I would like to know more infomation? Do they build them nationwide?

  195. Julie says:

    I want more pictures and prices and information on where to get one.

  196. amanda claudatos says:

    do you export yoyr product as a flatpak please?
    i luve in new zealand.

  197. Tina sanderson says:

    I would like more information please. Does window and doors come with the other material?

  198. G. Russell McAfee Jr. says:

    Where do I get one I’m interested in a 16×16

  199. mark pozzi says:

    send me the prints

  200. Pat Armell says:

    Very interested in your product,

  201. Pat Armell says:

    Very interested in your product,can you deliver & set up in SC? Could I get a catalog plse?

  202. Stefani says:

    Please send me information on these homes. Also would they be able to be winterized for ND? I would like flyers and info you have. Please email to get my address

  203. Jackie Archibald says:

    Very interesting would like more information and where are you located and are their transportation fees I live in central Washington in Yacama Washington

  204. Linda Hendricks says:

    Did you get any reply? I’m sure many of us have similar questions. I do, and more. If they won’t answer one question, I think we can assume this is another hoax ad.

  205. Judy Mink says:

    interested in 24×24. how much land do you need? do you assemble? can they go city water/sewage or do you have to build septic? i live in jeffersonville,indiana. 47130

  206. Evelyn. Molyneaux says:

    I would Like to if there is somewhere you can put them don’t have and need Ned down stairs Ned even fold out couch would do can have loft bedroom also 4

  207. Kim says:

    Need more info

  208. Kiri Dudley says:

    Do you actually answer any of these questions

  209. Christina says:

    Where can I get information from ?

  210. Jean says:

    Why don’t you publish the answers to these questions so everybody can get the information. They are questions tbe everyone reading the article will have as well.

  211. Tammy says:

    Love that home please send me same lnform

  212. Robert Abare says:

    I used to build these structures. They were designed by the Forests and Parks (FED). Easy. Tight. and Economical. A perfect first home. We built every thing including the arches.

  213. Deborah haney says:

    Would like more pic and information on the 1000 dollar like house

  214. anna sollars says:

    I am very interested in your tiny homes and would like more info please. Would also like to know what type of payment plans you offer. I would love to hear back from you. Thank you

  215. Sheila Schram says:

    I live in northern Michigan. Very interested in the 20 x 30. Can you send more information.

  216. Tina says:

    can you get one with kitchen and bathroom already built in?

  217. Cheri Landry says:

    Would love to get answers to these questions…very interested, but need more info

  218. Joseph says:

    12×40 can it be build for winter weather with insulation very Interested in one for Colorado location

  219. Lauren McGlashan says:

    I’d like to know everything about your cabins. Are they available in New Zealand & I’ll go from there. If so, it looks like I’ll be owning my first home inatead of winging life in rentals & tents.

  220. Warren Baker says:

    Hi I want to get the tiny house in New Zealand 24×40 with upstairs set up ca n I get more information please urgent thank you

  221. corina says:

    hi interested in 24×24 2 b built in ruatahuna bay of plenty area. are the insulated

  222. Kathleen says:

    Interested. Please email details for the larger ones. Do you put them together as well or is it a kit, as listed? Thanks in advance!

  223. Sheila says:

    Do you have catalogs available?

  224. Allison stowe says:

    I would like info on financing

  225. Lisa McWilliams says:

    What size would be good for a couple with a spare room kitchen liver room and bath room along with master bathroom off a room

  226. Melanie says:

    I was wondering if you can join 3 of them together to create a covered sitting area in the center. Can you please forward more information also do you have floor plans?

  227. Richard King says:

    I believe this is mislead. I have cash in hand and can’t get a response from anyone.

  228. Brendan says:

    Hmm strange no number

  229. Ron shaw says:

    Can I buy just the metal framing.

  230. Tully Anderson says:

    Are these insulated? We live in S. Indiana and are very interested in building a simple retirement home.

  231. Elizabeth Byers says:

    I am interested in more info on these.

  232. Sharie Holmes says:

    archedcabins.com/ for more info

  233. Aleksandar Kostadinov says:

    in the article there is a link: archedcabins.com

    But it seems the stated price includes only the basic cabin without windows, doors, loft, etc.

  234. Sylvia kanara says:

    Send more info as I want to build in nz.

  235. C Olsen says:

    Could i have more info for the biggest cabins you have. 3 to 4 bedtooms ect .. I live in New Zealand .

  236. Amanda Cincotti says:

    I know from building my house that the french doors and two windows in the front add up to $1000 alone. Nice try though!!

  237. Would like to know more about this email me with more information says:

    Would like to know more about this email me back with more information

  238. Lucilla stefoni says:

    More info please
    Thank you

  239. Raymond Walker says:

    Please send me more info and locations to visit. I live on north Stradbroke island Queensland

  240. Neil Long says:

    I would like information on financing

  241. Deborah Gigliotti says:

    How can we contact this company? I am looking to set up several of these on my PPI Veterans Rehab Ranch!

  242. Opae Steedman says:

    I would like some information on these. I’m from New Zealand

  243. Susan DeValcourt says:

    Where are you located? I’m very interested in the 24×24 size.

  244. Denny Sutherland says:

    More floor plans. For two thousand dollars.

  245. Maia Dean says:

    Wonderful! I grew up in an Army surplus Quonset hut in Alaska. Same vibe. I want one.

  246. Samantha Gamble says:

    Are these available in the UK

  247. Clifton Koen says:

    Very interested in this design.
    I want to talk further about bringing this design to Swaziland.
    Please contact me through the email supplied.

  248. Mary Lou Simpson says:

    I’d like more information on how to purchase one of theses .

  249. Angela Loughridge says:

    Is it just a shell does it have a bathroom and kitchen areas. Or do you have to put all that stuff in yourself

  250. Phil tetai says:

    We need these affordable homes our cost would arange anywhere from 5k to possibly 25k. We are currently both.renovating and improving our home and looking at building another dwelling next door. We need to get intouch. Yours phil tetai

  251. Deborah Cooper says:

    I am interested in this product

  252. Mark Brandon says:

    Could you e-mail me information on your arched cabin products. Am assuming there is a shipping charge depending on distance from your manufacturing facility.
    Most interested in the 12 x 12 & 14 x 14 products.

  253. Justin says:

    The prices they have listed is for a kit to build what you see. Does not include many things including assembly lol. So yeah it will probably be more like 30k all said and done lol.

  254. Dianne Henning says:

    Please send me more info on this tiny house

  255. Ashley says:

    Does the kit include roofing materials?

  256. Rachel Johnson says:

    Hi im from New Zealad how much in NZ $ and how much to get them over here..i could sell them over here for you..

  257. Jeff Naftel says:

    I am wanting to learn more about the homes .

  258. Fayssal bou hamdan says:

    Is it available in lebanon ?

  259. Linda Perie says:


    Do you deliver and construct I. The Waikato area? Does this come with insulated inside cladding g or is it just the exterior shell? Is the floor insulated.

  260. Skevi says:

    Can you please let me know if you send this to Cyprus I am interested on the 24×24 does it have a loft and what is the cost

  261. Trish Rose says:

    What comes in the kits? Is there a website for floor plans

  262. Deborah Hensel says:

    Okay, I want to say from the outset that several of these photos are of the cabin my husband and I had constructed in Paige, Texas and I can assure you there was NO WAY it was built for under $1,000. Not even the outer shell came in for less than $30,000, not to mention the additional costs of finishing out the interior. So this article is quite misleading and I resent the fact that photos of our property were used to mislead people.

  263. Jamie Raymond says:

    Are these legal and are they insulated?

  264. Christian​ says:

    I don’t want your kit. I want your engineered plans per the specs of the county that I’m going to build in – what’s up with those?

  265. christin job says:

    really keen on the under 1k living in new zealand northland wanting it to go

  266. Theresa says:

    Hi did you get a answer in regards to being on fixed income,also payment plans I’m on SSI,Can u tell me anything.

  267. Craig says:

    Guessing these are just the shell for that price. Cabinets, stairs, plumbing and electrical would definitely run the cost way up. Also as another guy stated I am sure it needs insulation as well. There is NO WAY you can build that as in pictures for $1000.

  268. Storm says:

    Hell I would love one of these right now me and my husband were planing living of the grid soon I already have friends doing this. I could use this instead of a tent.

  269. Lloyd says:

    Let me know if these are available in india. Thanks!

  270. Elizabeth Richardson says:

    Do you have s catalog to look at? Can you please send me more information?

  271. Eliza says:

    Do you deliver and construct in the Northland area of New Zealand? and does this come with insulated inside cladding or is it just the exterior shell? Is the floor insulated. Thanks

    See more at: https://www.goodshomedesign.com/tiny-house-for-under-1000/

  272. Lori Bower says:

    Are they built with everything in them like the plumbing and electrical and appliances

  273. Patty Hughrd says:

    I want more info on larger ones

  274. Sandra Porteus Love says:

    I am very interested in you product. Can sounds send me more info? Where are you located?

  275. Leanne Lummis says:

    What is the wind rating, Hurricane rating? Can they be shipped in a shipping container to the Caribbean?

  276. Cindy Eagly says:

    Have you heard back from them? I am interested in more information to purchase one as I am disabled and trying to keep from going into assisted living.

  277. Charlene says:

    I need This. Where can I buy one

  278. Lorraine Cushman says:

    I am interested in getting more information on the arched cabins. Who can I contact.

  279. Lacretha says:

    Do ya have photos of more in the inside. Interested 3-4 bedroom. The most expensive 12800? My phone number 2569140586 what’s your phone can call can email me. Where are ya located. Would love to see one.

  280. Sue Fester says:

    I am interested in the arch cabins, are they legal in Spain?

  281. Ali says:

    Is there an option for a woodstove pipe cutout? Thats an easy quick source of heating the cabin.

  282. Warren says:

    Hook me up i would like have one of these homes il pay cash up front

  283. Allen Woo says:

    It looks nice to have a small cabin as a tree house in my back yard.

  284. Hanzo says:

    Ok,very interesting and nice,but in the article there’s no mention of company or contact whatsoever,not very useful.Would it be possible to have such info?

  285. Jose cerdan says:

    Im located near to Orlando fl…
    Pls send me more info…thanks

  286. Kathy key says:

    how much to have it built on your property

  287. Helen says:

    Very interested in knowing where these tiny houses can be placed, what the land would cost, fees for hook ups to electricity, gas, wifi, cable etc. Realistically they look fab but those would be the deciding factors (where to put it and how to get it hooked up). Do you ship to UK or have any manufacturers over in Europe?

    I hope this is real.

  288. Rabecca Bowers says:

    I’m curious what the kits include… Also what kind of permits and so forth I would need.

  289. Mundi Fernandez says:

    Very interested

  290. Maria says:

    Please send information/brochures on your largest model 24×40.

    Need to know the price for the cabin with plumbing, bathroom, kitchen, insulation, and electricity hook up. Additionally, i need to know how much wind can the cabin take. I live in south florida and should withstand hurricane winds 150 mph.


    Send by e-mail

  291. Jess says:

    How do we even contact you without a contact us page ??! Real companies have that to create business if that is what your looking for. This tiny house thing is awesome but there are a ton of questions. Without contact how will our questions be answered because I don’t see a reply on any of these comments unless it’s personal email and even then it’s not entirely fair to hide the answers to the unknown.

  292. Sabrina says:

    So I have to purchase the land or will someone let me live in their land.

  293. Carrie says:

    I would like some more info. Do you have a catalog??

  294. Diana Storey says:

    Looking for price list for 30 x 40 round house. Do blueprints include loft or 24 x 40 with loft?

  295. Jacob says:

    How does going about purchasing one of these work ?

  296. Lisa says:

    Will they finish the inside as the photos show?

  297. Michelle Hart says:

    As everyone else I would like way more information. I am interested but am yet to see a reply ir a actual website with information. Can someone please email back with more info or a website. Thank you very much.

  298. Tori Singleton says:

    Love to buy one of these little home shells

  299. Madison Boehrer says:

    Where can I get info on this company and get one??

  300. Brenda says:

    Where do you buy these?

  301. Barry Eisenberg says:

    I’m looking to buy and donate 10 of these to native Hawaiians on Kauai… can you contact me to help set this up please

  302. newt says:

    Breakdown on:
    Finished Shell

  303. Rodney haught says:

    1000 dollar house

  304. Robbin Ortega says:

    Interested what all does the kit include

  305. Janet Gaddis says:

    Please send me more information on the Tiny Homes .. Regulations in North Carolina ..

  306. Alyssa says:

    I am interested in these homes. How do I go about buying one? Where is the best place to put it? Is there a water line and electricity attached? And are you able to send a kit to Utah?

  307. Farinoush says:

    How do I get some more information regarding purchasing this units

  308. Sai kyaw sein says:

    I am very interested. Need to know more details. Wish can do this business in Myanmar, Burma thanks.
    Sai kyaw Sein
    WhatsApp: 959789229088

  309. Linda Twomey says:

    Is the price only for the structure or is the electrical and plumping included?

  310. Mike says:

    I’m interested in something big enough for my wife, teenage daughter and myself. Right now we’re in an 860 sf house. Do you have anything larger?

  311. amanda says:

    how would you go about purchasing these?

  312. Tony says:

    Are they available in Canada Ontario??

  313. Tracy Butler says:

    Where can I buy this product? You don’t give much info on where to purchase your product.

  314. Brenda Tokarz says:

    Please send info on prices and plans for the tiny houses. Interested on putting on property. Thanks

  315. Devin B Lucero says:

    What are the prices for the various sizes ?

  316. Karen says:

    I’m interested in your product. Looking for more info to make purchase. Thank you

  317. Nicole says:

    Please send info can I build a group of these in Ross Ohio

  318. Cinnamon Sprotte says:

    Me and my mom are interested in these are they available in Wisconsin

  319. Donald Coleman says:

    I love to no more about them

  320. Sue says:

    I have a ranch that has no restriction. I really would love to have one there.

  321. Donnie Spriggs says:

    Do you have information that you could send me on the 2-3 bedroom finished Home models. Very interested
    179 Carey lane
    Cardinal, Va 23025

  322. Shane Fulbright says:

    Please send me some info on the these little houses

  323. Christina Boysen says:

    How do i go about getting more info? Very interested in 20×20. Are they legal in southeast Georgia?

  324. Jones says:

    Do they come with concrete floors

  325. Shari Freese says:

    Please send more info,is this just the building?Do you include inside designs for same price?WHAT are the shipping fees?

  326. Bill Rayl says:

    Feet by 20 I’m understanding that just comes with o raw materials do you install
    Does that leave me responsible for the wiring Plumbing outlets and everything

  327. Matthew Powell says:

    Very interested if we here back from y’all we may end up purchasing 2 buildings.

  328. Tonja Tucker-Suber says:

    I have an acre of vacant lakefront property. This would be perfect. I can buy 6 and make 4 bedrooms /bathrooms and other the kitchen and living room area. Great for my air BNB plan.

  329. Dan says:

    The loft alone cost multiple thousands. Clickbait title is clickbait.

  330. Melinda Rawlinson says:

    I am very interested in purchasing one of the larger homes. Looking for property now, and I’m needing as much information as possible, so I can budget all my costs and buy one.

  331. Tim Tomson says:

    On the website it says they do custom sizes.

  332. Tim Tomson says:

    This article is from 2016. The smallest one is now over $1300.

  333. Marie Farrimond says:

    Where do we purchase one ?

  334. Don Jacobson says:

    Can one be constructed on top of an existing commercial building with flat roof

  335. Rose Messer says:

    Prices where to purchase. Instructions thanks

  336. David Stone says:

    Very interested plz give me info to contact

  337. tracie says:

    the “reply” list was long…so if i missed this question I am sorry.
    Can you bury them? as in Hobbit house like?

  338. Nancy Smith says:

    Very interested in catalog or brochure. Would like for a she shed. How much is shipping

  339. Jaja says:

    Im interested to get these units for a cabin type rooms for rent. Thank you

  340. Addra Freites says:

    I wish these could be shipped overseas??

  341. Elizabeth Luzar says:

    Send me some info. Thank you.

  342. Paula Berrios says:

    Will builders come to Panama or ship.to Panama?

  343. Christine apted says:

    Would like more info please for Victoria I am interested on a little one please

  344. Daff says:

    Would you be willing to design a similar cabin for us in Antigua please?

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