Touch Automatic Auto Squeeze Out Toothpaste Dispenser

Now you can have an automatic toothpaste dispenser that can mounts to any bathroom wall mirror, tile splash or just about any type surface. This is a revolutionary new toothpaste dispenser that works with just one touch. It’s the great new way to dispense the perfect amount of toothpaste every time. Just a gentle touch with the brush and a nice neat strip of toothpaste comes out instantly.
What do you say about this? .. In my opinion, it’s not expensive at all and can even be fun and useful for the whole family. You can buy this product for only $3.28 or you can search the online stores from your country.

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  1. Elissa says:

    YES! Thank you! I agree- it does look tacky and it diminishes the quatily of the ministry (at least in people’s perceptions) when they see things that are low-quatily like that. We used to have big problems with people (parents, volunteers) just taping up anything and everything all over the walls without any thought. Then I painted the walls and made a policy that no one is to put anything on the walls. Now we have a really nice, professionally designed cork-board type area in our main entrance area that is the designated place for only me to put up nice-looking, printed signs, when there is a need for signage.

  2. Kuturu Anudeep says:

    i need this product

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