Toys for Goats to Keep Them Busy

13 Responses to “Toys for Goats to Keep Them Busy”

  1. Stargazer says:

    That tower with the circular staircase looks like it could be a cat tower.

  2. Leanne says:

    Hi, you are using a photo of our goat player in an article and no one asked us permission to use it. It is the photo of the playground with the little white goats and two swings up toward the front. Please remove the photo. Thank you very much.

  3. Debbie Yerby says:

    Hampton Roads Winery in Elberon,Virginia has the highest goat tower in the USA.Lots of fun watching them going in and out while tasting wines.

  4. Eileen Sharp says:

    We had goats when I was a child. Wish I had thought of this for the baby goats. The adult goats spent the majority of their time eating,

  5. Lisa Blasnek says:

    Would love to see more Ideas.

  6. Shiella Morris says:

    Pretty sure that the last one with the red crates wasn’t meant for goats. To other goat owners here, would you be concerned about your goats nibbling on the tar paper?

  7. Dennis Flanigan says:

    These goats remind me of the puppet show in the sound of music….

  8. Patricia says:

    I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for these great ideas!!!! I’m totally going to build some of these ideas for the goats I will be getting this summer ???

  9. Himal ghale says:

    Wow very nice and lucky animals, it is very good care.

  10. Sallieu Galleh says:

    I never thought of the thought that these beautiful animal beings can have recreational playground like this, really I feel blessed and enjoyed to have this total skillset to make my future ranch to have this sense of unbiased character.

  11. Epic79 says:

    That’s from the video game Goat Simulator. Think Tony Hawk Pro Skater, but with goats. Best $20 I ever spent.

  12. Bobby McGovern says:

    Remove the pic because it’s “your” goat toy? What a selfish cow. This article is about ideas to keep our goats happy.

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