Wire Spool Repurposed Into A Wine Table


Putting wooden pieces -that would otherwise go to the landfill- like pallets, to good use is not only a good deed to the environment but also one to other people. Transforming an ordinary piece into a work of art requires mainly creativity but also a careful eye to repurposing. The commitment invested into a Wine Table like the one visible in the pictures in definitely worth it because once you try it you won’t want to walk away. Fitted with a nice place for keeping your wine cold, similar to an ice bucket but with more style and clearly a hiding option if you desire, the table will be your favorite thing to brag about in front of your friends. And there’s space for plenty, because you have a nice rack on the bottom side of the table as well as room for storing glasses upside down of the table surface. So invite your friends over for a nice wine tasting. They will love it as much as you will love your Wine Table.



Wire-Spool-Wine-Table-1 Photo courtesy: Branded Time Decor

Finished products along with step by step photos –  Branded In Time Decor

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  1. This is not your design. says:

    These are not your photos or design.

  2. Kris says:

    wheres the step by step info cause I’d like to make one

  3. Judy Carpenter says:

    I would love step by step instructions

    • yvon says:

      are u ppl blind , look for this link under the last pic ……… ,

      Finished products along with step by step photos –  Branded In Time Décor

      click it !!! lmaoooo

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