With These Glass Tiles Your Roof Can Generate Electricity


SolTech Energy, a Swedish company selling solutions for solar power, has developed a unique glass tile solar energy solution that is available as an electricity system. SolTech has solar energy solutions that are suitable for all types of property. Farmers, hotels, multi-occupancy dwellings, schools, hospitals, house and summer home owners are investing in solutions that are tailored for their particular properties. With this glass tile your roof can generate electricity. The roof tiles we lay are made from glass instead of concrete or brick. These tiles are designed to work as both a high quality and durable roof tile, and to allow in as much light as possible. Solar cells are fitted under the tiles, shielded to protect them against the effects of wind and weather. This gives you a solar energy installation that is fully integrated in the building. Attractive, sustainable and exceptionally intelligent. Really amazing…


SolTech-Power-2 SolTech-Power-3


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20 Responses to “With These Glass Tiles Your Roof Can Generate Electricity”

  1. Warren T says:

    Fantastic idea, and I would assume given the solar aspects are underneath the glass tiles, that they may even last longer since they wouldn’t be exposed to the elements like normal solar panels!?

  2. Jacob Trimble says:

    If you would like to test them in my region, I would be more than happy to let you put them on my house.

  3. Myrna says:

    Where can we get these glass tiles and how much?

  4. Graham Binns says:

    Señores…….me gustaria recibir detalles tecnicos y comerciales de este producto

  5. Crystal G. says:

    If you would love to test them in my area and would be more than happy to let you put them on my house.

  6. Phillip Scarvell says:

    Am at Cape Cleveland , Queensland. Australia. Can these be got here and what is the costing. Have octagonal roof 10 metres from centre tovgutter.
    Phillip Scarvell.

  7. Elissa says:

    Or my house…. In New Zealand!

  8. Carol says:

    Would like to know more. We live in Northern Ontario Canada and would love to try your product.

  9. Tim says:

    If you wish to test durability, my home in Texas, would be a great test site.

  10. David DeJonge says:

    I would like more information please.

  11. Mike kouma says:

    Need new roof tiles at house ,interested to get a quote &see if vailable

  12. Om Prakash meena says:

    Available /can be provided in India….?

  13. Sashendra Kumar says:

    Please give me the cost and address details so that we can buy them

  14. Bev Dawson Jones says:

    Price available to the U.K. please?

  15. Heetoua says:

    Hi there, I will be interested if you would like to give on my house. I’m living in French Polynesia, it will be a great for every house hold in the country. Cheers. HLE

  16. Johanna West says:

    I live in Nashville/Donelson Tennessee, you can use my house as a selling model anytime, we’re painting, putting in new windows and adding on a new roof, would be the perfect time to get them up there!

  17. Ajay says:

    I was always thinking about such an idea. Is it available in Melbourne?

  18. Lynette S Price says:

    I’m in Tucson Arizona. USA. I’d love to have them tested on my roof!

  19. Anil says:

    Very Good Idea
    Better designer way to use best available alternate energy…
    Pl update about availability & demonstration of product for marketing

  20. Matt Steen says:

    Interesting concept! Great idea for an article and well laid out.

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