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3 Responses to “Wonderful Handcrafted Log Home”

  1. Random college graduate says:

    I love this house! I’d love to learn how they’d built it.

  2. Random college graduate says:

    All That wood ….. should have put down the floor with that pallet wood.
    sure like that central chimney on the other article.

  3. Random college graduate says:

    Man I love this house, course I would have use pallet wood for the interior floor and kitchen counters. I don’t like them small kitchen counters either. Slap a full size kitchen there, instead of the sushi bar thing going on. (them high chairs are notoriously uncomfortable and if your going to add a bar don’t forget the plasma TV, we are not women, we’re men).

    All in all it looks good, the floor is killing me though, give the wood a cheap finish specially by the door on that last picture (i hate that black tile).

    I don’t know about the carpet in the bedroom though. If the house is made of wood and you’d finish the floor with furbished pallet wood, then you could easily add a Persian carpet to it … that carpet on the room is too standard apartment look.

    A house that large, needs two refrigerators, one for food and one to group keep fresh produce, … don’t be shy on that department. A bronze kitchen bell would look better than that white urban one you got.

    Sorry 4 the critique, sure would love to see the design blueprints, or get a few more interior pictures. choices of heating and cooling. solar panels, water heater, ….. all the good stuff.

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