Wonderful Log Home

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7 Responses to “Wonderful Log Home”

  1. Keith says:

    What are prices for log HOME

  2. Keecha love says:

    Im 49 and have always wanted a log cabin by a lake so me and my husband can go fishing just get out on. The porch relax enjoy country liveing.we live in the city. I want a log cabin. was raised in the country.we miss it. I want to see more on the inside that they show.and a price range on what we would be looking at our at nacontent://media/external/file/8932me is Keecha Love & Mickey Love.

  3. Keecha love says:

    Looking for a log cabin.

  4. Vickie wertz says:

    What are the price ranges of single story 3~4 bedroom 2 bathroom homes with attached garage

  5. Tom Simpson says:

    For those asking about details and pricing, there are lots of log home companies on the internet. (Google is your friend)
    Homestead Log Homes in Medford, Oregon did ours. homesteadloghomes.com/
    Prices range from under 100 thousand to over 300 thousand.

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