How to Cut Glass Bottles


This time, we will learn you how to make your own bottles planters. You don’t need to be a glassworker to put this idea into practice. You can do it simply by using a beer, soda or wine bottle. Just be creative! As for the technique, see the video below: it shows a method of how to cut these bottles. May you enjoy!


1. How to cut a bottle using household items! -VIDEO TUTORIAL

2. How to Cut Wine Bottles In 30 Seconds


45 Responses to “How to Cut Glass Bottles”

  1. Akshay says:

    Can the same thing work on plastic bottles ???

  2. Kathy says:

    I tried this and it didn’t work. I think I’ll try it again with the candle.

  3. irmeli says:

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    Good luck

    • melissa says:

      You are correct, Imeli, kindness seems to be a thing quite lacking in society anymore. Treat EVERYONE with kindness. Why must people be so ugly? Does it make you feel superior, StineCecilie, Marcia and Martyna? Next time, before you hit the reply button, think about how you would want someone you love to be treated. Hatefulness makes a stain that is terribly hard to wipe away.

      • Joseph Mahma says:

        Melissa, it’s because they are anonymous. If they were standing in front of you, they would NEVER have the courage to say the mean, ugly things they say.

        Everyone is brave on the inter-webs !! Keep being nice to people – people will be nice back.

    • lulz says:

      Ok, so telling you about your mistake and how to avoid it, is laughing at someone. Wow. I didn’t know, thanks for the info! and for laughing at me~!!!!!!!1

      • Pam says:

        they aren’t just correcting a mistake, they are belittling and condescending. See what I just did there. I saw where you couldn’t tell the difference between nice and mean, so I simply explained it to you. Hopefully in the future, you will be able to know who is nice and who is mean, especially to you.

    • francesfunkhouser says:

      Thank You. No reason to laugh at others. The only stupid questions are the ones not asked. Someone needed to say something about people being so mean to others.

    • Jodi K says:

      Nicely said, thank you.

  4. www says:

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  5. kathy says:

    I don’t unserstand what the candle has to do with it and why it’s not mentioned? Love this I’m going to try a wind chime made of beer bottles but first I’m going to go drink em.So I can have the bottle you know not because I want to.

  6. melissa says:

    You are correct, Imeli, kindness seems to be a thing quite lacking in society anymore. Treat EVERYONE with kindness. Why must people be so ugly? Does it make you feel superior, StineCecilie, Marcia and Martyna? Next time, before you hit the reply button, think about how you would want someone you love to be treated. Hatefulness makes a stain that is terribly hard to wipe away.

  7. K. Mori says:

    You can use a candle to heat up a section of the bottle.. basically its replacing the yarn and nail polish remover. The basic idea is want a line around the bottle considerably hotter than the rest of the bottle. When its quenched (dipped in water) the hot section cools off rapidly and fractures. Do it right and it will be a clean fracture all the way around. You can do the same thing (faster) with a butane torch.

  8. Diana says:

    thank you! this was very helpful. I also enjoyed your doomsday prep episode!

  9. LadyDi says:

    Most people have a sense of humor and would’t say it or take it as an insult! Lighten up ladies! 🙂

  10. Cathy Godsey says:

    how do you make just round hole in side of bottle

    • Santos says:

      Glass drilling bit. Example:

      They’re tricky to use and tricky to get started because they tend to slide of the glass. It takes a little while to get the hang of it. You can’t let the bit heat up too much or it’ll crack the glass. You can’t push too hard… Yeah, practice… No go forth and build your bong.

      • Lee Wainwright says:

        If you want to drill into glass or a mirror here are two tips.

        have a small water container nearby and dip the drilling tip into it frequently to cool it.

        If you want to stop your drill from sliding all over the surface, just mark an X on the glass with two pieces of Electrical tape


  11. CHYN says:

    AKSHAY esto podría servirte si trabajas con botellas de plástico

  12. Www.Silveryjewellery.Com says:

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  13. Nate says:

    Why this doesn’t work as you might expect — Glass is extremely sensitive to heat. Rapid temperature changes as a result cause cracking during the expansion and contraction of the glass. While, yes, this does create a crack and split approximately around the heated line, the surrounding glass to the string also will have a tendency to crack. Excluding all but a few types of glass, this will result in a smooth break around part of the heated line, but will also include chips or a staggered break. Using a candle works on a similar concept and will produce similar results. While both methods do split a bottle, you will likely find disappointment waiting for you if you desire a perfect cut. We had no repeatable success using any ‘fire-based’ methods.

    To get a repeatable ‘perfect cut’ in a bottle actually requires much less of a temperature swing than is demonstrated here. If one creates a slight score around a bottle, a temperature difference of around 90 degrees C is all that is required. This can be achieved by taking a bottle from ice water to boiling water and back if necessary. The score can be placed around the bottle by almost any bottle cutter, often less that $20. The trick will be the right depth of score for the glass type you choose to cut. You will find your lines to be much more precise and the amount of sanding to be significantly less. As a heads up– If you thought of sanding as the ‘easy last step’ and don’t have a decent set up for it, I’d like to leave you a word of warning. Prepare for some frustration.

  14. Mike says:

    Oh my, it’s been over a year and poor Akshay still hasn’t gotten an answer. Let me start be saying, only very small, weak people need to denigrate others to feel good about themselves. (Maybe a little ironic if you think this is meant as denigrating….) Apparently some think this will help with their own low self esteem. I’d recommend trying to lift people up instead. That way you surround yourself with happy tolerant feelings rather than shame and resentment. And even better, you don’t run the risk of looking as stupid as these people do for fort misinterpreting Akshay’s original question.

    So, Akshay, if you’re still out there, of course. You can cut a plastic bottle to use as a planter too. It’s a lot easier and safer than using the glass bottle. I can think of several pros and cons to either method. Experiment.

  15. Lucy Acevedo says:

    Tried it with a liquor bottle and it did not work. Maybe the glass is too thick? Any suggestions?

    • quazzimoto says:

      yes..score with fine tooth glass saw or diamond wheel cutter, using ductape as a guidline…then use a small scale torch after removing duct tape, and heat while spinning a bit faster than with candle..then dunk it in ice water in the sink neck first

  16. Chantel Cummings says:

    “We will learn you”? What kind of English is that??

  17. The Observer says:

    Ha! Haha! Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhshahshahhahah ha ha ha HA!

  18. Will says:

    HYDROPONICS IN A BOTTLE – If you use a mixture of perlite and vermiculite (heavy on the vermiculite), you could use a weak solution of plant food to do this soil-free hydroponically. You just need to change the solution regularly.

  19. Plant-Home says:

    very nice work

  20. al says:

    Sorry?? You’re going to “learn” me? Try teach, I would trust the lesson more coming from a teacher than from a “learner”.

  21. Robert Benson says:


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