15 PVC Projects for Your Homestead

6. How To Build A Geodesic Chicken Dome

PVC-Projects-for-Your-Homestead-6 more details here…

7. Build an Easy 5 x 5 Home Greenhouse for under $25

PVC-Projects-for-Your-Homestead-7 more details here…

8. How To Build A PVC Watering Grid

PVC-Projects-for-Your-Homestead-8 more details here…

PVC-Projects-for-Your-Homestead-9 more details here…

10. DIY Vertical PVC Planter

PVC-Projects-for-Your-Homestead-10 more details here…


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  1. cELlery says:

    the watering pipe should be capped at the bottom, to avoid dirt working its way back up as you insert next to plants. Also good for trees, and for adding liquid fertilizers.

  2. Adam says:

    Ado, not “a due”

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