Build Your Own Swimming Pool From Bales Of Hay


The magazines and internet have misled you into believing that a swimming pool is something for the rich, or at least for some who have a couple of thousands of dollars to spare on such a project. Three boys prove this thing to be wrong! At least with a shallow depth pool. And with the summer slowly building up its hot days to stay for the next few months, you might be tempted to choose their cheap and simple solution to make your own swimming pool. The DIY project only involves using bales of hay, plastic sheets, some rope and (obviously) water. After you’ve chosen the right spot for the hay, place it evenly across and in a square perimeter. Place over the sheet of plastic. If it isn’t large enough, you could tape a couple of them together. Secure with some rope around the bales and start pouring water into the center. In no time you will get a perfectly usable swimming pool, great for lounging beneath the hot summer breeze. Don’t wait until it’s too late, make this DIY swimming pool with the help of bales of hay.







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