How to convert a Van into an Off-Grid Camper


You probably already know all those projects that show you how to convert a van into an off-grid camper. But what about projects that teach you how to do this in a short period of time? Here is a success story, of someone who managed to turn a van into an off-grid camper in just 17 days. This camper includes a comfy fixed bed, kitchen units and lots of clever storage spaces. The entire camper is powered by solar power, so the owner can make use of an off-grid energy source to power the camper and its features. To learn more about this small but complex van turned into an off-grid camper, watch the video below…


7 Responses to “How to convert a Van into an Off-Grid Camper”

  1. Shelly Mcgough says:

    Great job smart talented young man!

  2. Jason says:

    Can you post the plans you drew for this project or email them — nice work would like to build one!!

  3. angela says:

    Great job. Have just done same thing to a coaster bus. We love travelling in it

  4. Paul says:

    That looks awesome, though I’m a little concerned about just how much weight all that woodwork adds.. is it still friendly fuel consumption wise?

  5. TD Taska says:

    We do this with rail cars and cabooses. Enjoy our website.

  6. niniefleur says:

    hello ! i would liike to know how do you have isolated and doubled the ground ?
    thank you

  7. niniefleur says:

    I put glass wool, then a vapor barrier and after a counter litonage, I put the multi layer insulation. Several people finally told me that glass wool was liable to rot due to condensation.
    I wonder if I should take it off. What do you think ?

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