How To Create Stunning Metallic Epoxy Floors


Obtaining a luxury design in your home is easier than you can imagine. The secret is to use alternative materials to what you would usually associate with extravagance. Case in point: epoxy floors instead of marble floors. The effect is achieved by pouring layers of 2 mm thick epoxy on the entire floor surface. You can also get a custom stain or color by manipulating the epoxy in a certain way. Either way, the resulting coating is glossy so you can finally have that luxury aspect you desired in the first place. In the following video tutorial, you will have the possibility to learn how to do epoxy floors from start to finish. So don’t just stare at the computer screen. Grab your materials and improve the way your interior home design looks and feels!


10 Responses to “How To Create Stunning Metallic Epoxy Floors”

  1. Lali says:

    On the existing slab in the basement area which doesn’t have the radiant heat, will it be a good idea to go in for this epoxy flooring

  2. Jerome Lowe says:

    I am interested in doing epoxy to my floor.

  3. Allergy McSpraykins says:

    guess make sure you do it the right way the first time around.

    last time, tried it sneezing evenly to cover the sq footage over time because of the pollen.
    and that makes vaccuming afterwards just a waste of all that previous labour when merely trying to dust and clean the place before guests showing up later on for those delicious thanksgiving dinners that they brought.

    do it the proper way first time around and one can still be creative about it.
    try not to make the same mistakes i did.
    oh crap i looked at a sunbeam again. ah, ah, ah..#$#@#^&*#@!!!!

  4. ANELE okechukwu says:

    I want to be part of this business, am in Nigeria .+23408037235590

  5. Keith Alexander says:

    I’ve used belzona when red lead was outlawed. How do you
    pour a large home. Base coats? On top of a painted design?

  6. S. Belt says:

    Can this be used outdoors bc I live in the North will it stand up to our winters?

  7. John Chuks Egesiokwu says:

    Please please I like this I want to be part of it am in Nigeria… Wow I love this

  8. Dave McCurdy says:

    Very interested in your product. Do you offer training??

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