Polanter Vertical Gardening System [video]


The Polanter Vertical Gardening System is a simple and practical kit and is hung onto walls or fences with the brackets provided. The brackets remain fixed to the wall and the Polanter can be lifted off the brackets to enable it to be re-planted and then easily re-hung by slotting the Polanter back onto the brackets. The planting holes for the Polanter measures approximately 4cm across and are ideal for planting plug plants. The Polanter Vertical Gardening System comes in a choice of 8 colours (see the table below). The price for this product is.. £ 21.98 (UK) – or $29.95 (US) … Below you can watch how to plant your Polanter…



Did you know that the Polanter is ideally suited for growing your own produce? Strawberries and Tomatoes will thrive in a Polanter. Grow your own Herbs plant a Polanter with Herbs and hang it outside the kitchen door for fresh home grown seasoning, flavouring, garnishing or fragrance.

polanter color


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