This Solar-Powered RV Runs Without Fuel Or Charging Stations

Imagine a trip around the country with no budget for fuel! Yes, this is possible now thanks to this impressive motorhome. The RV company Dethleffs has done something people couldn’t even dream of with this Iveco Daily Electric chassis. The car is perfectly capable of offering you off-grid status. There are solar panels installed, not only on the roof but on each side as well, in total 334 square feet of thin-film solar panels which can deliver up to 3,000 watts of energy. And you don’t even need a charging station!



The 228-Ah sodium-nickel-chloride battery, can get you, with all the fittings inside the RV just over 100 miles before letting it recharge. The battery should be good for approximately 1,500 charges or about 250,000 km. The RV is not only a house on wheels with some solar panels it is an actual e-home! It has driver assistance technology, smart windows and even an awesome system of heating that will literally make your life a whole lot easier, especially on the road. So this is the perfect vehicle for travelling around the country without worries!



30 Responses to “This Solar-Powered RV Runs Without Fuel Or Charging Stations”

  1. Paula Rose says:

    What does this run and are there smaller/larger versions?

  2. dai says:

    the range is only 100 miles? it’s not entirely clear.

  3. Phiwe Solomon says:

    I’m very interested in this vehicle

  4. Stephen Betters says:

    Downside? Only 100 miles before it needs a recharge. Not much scenery to enjoy at 100 miles a whack. Plus, lack of recharging stations. None if doing remote rv’ing. I’ll pass.

  5. Yipster says:

    Its a detlef but this sounds to good to be thrue

  6. Jaffrey Harp says:

    Where can I get one?

  7. Karen Blomquist says:

    Is there an inverter, or is it DC powered? What are “smart windows”?

  8. George de Armas says:

    What is the strengths of the panels. Are they strong enough to with stand road debris hitting them?

  9. Jeff T Thorsen says:

    Cost and availability in the US

  10. Thomas says:

    Only 100 miles before recharge is needed doesn’t work very well. Usually over that daily. Most figure 300 miles a day when traveling

  11. Raffi Abadjian says:

    1-can we have some details about this vehicule’s performance please? i live in a country with a lot of up and down Hills (Lebanon)
    2- two water tanks H/C or just one?
    3- price excl. taxes for export

  12. Michael Cauchi says:

    I would like to know more.

  13. Ehrhart says:


  14. Zoie Wheeler says:

    Where can I purchase one what are the price ranges

  15. Carol Watson says:

    I would like more info please

  16. Ann Breuer says:

    on the outside it looks like it needs curtains…but great idea

  17. SB says:

    This is a total gimmick. The solar panels can’t be in a good position to work to the maximum all the time. In countries with strong sunlight, at least 50% of the panels will be in shade at any given time.

    Everything in the vehicle pulls electricity – the lighting, the heating etc.

    You need 3000 watts just to boil a kettle!

  18. Puddin Taine says:

    How much?

  19. Kathryn jones says:

    What do these go for?

  20. Michele Mitchell says:

    Would be absolutely wonderful, I’m just not sure how the panels would go with stones being flicked up by passing cars….Brilliant concept though.

  21. George McGarry says:

    Were can I get it?

  22. Matt Hage says:

    Please send more info and cost details Please?

  23. Pamela says:

    What does this cost and where can I get one?

  24. Constance Gust says:

    Where is this being sold? Can it be custom ordered? As shown, what is the ticket price? Thanks .

  25. Angela says:

    How much? Available in Canada?

  26. Trevor says:

    100 miles won’t even get me to the lake. I will also lay odds that it can’t pull even a single axle boat or motorcycle trailer. Nice concept – no practical application.

  27. Tracy S Bolduc says:

    I have always wanted to drive across North America.
    If you would like someone to provide publicity and promo your RV please let me know.
    I would be really interested if you would be will to provide some sort of deal.
    Please let me know.
    Thank you,

    Tracy Bolduc

  28. Apeweek says:

    Really cool, but the numbers given don’t add up. The solar would be useful, but it’s not enough to eliminate charging, unless you’re willing to stop for several days every 100 miles.

  29. vit. says:

    What about second motor and price? Is it available? 3000 W.. Is it enough for powering the vehicle??

  30. Didi says:

    Is this available in Montreal Canada?

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