A Swimming Pool Made From A Shipping Container

Like it or not, containers are a growing trend in design. And the next project will show you they are here to stay and even expand in many areas. Usually, you would have read something about houses, but this time, a cargo container was repurposed into a spectacular and fully-functional swimming pool. And not your dull model, but a modern swimming pool with a window! The Modpools company from Vancouver, Canada has really done something great because not only the shipping containers are repurposed in a useful fashion but the swimming pool can be setup in a matter of minutes and moved if necessary! Also, a divider can be installed when the weather is cold, thus turning a small portion of it into a hot tub. And you can control the entire thing via your smartphone. I think this is great! What do you think?



Enjoy your pool all year round, Modpools’ efficient heater can increase water temperature at 30°c/hour in -10°c weather. Effortlessly control temperature, jets and lighting from your smartphone.

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8 Responses to “A Swimming Pool Made From A Shipping Container”

  1. Vicki Joan Fraser says:

    I hope to bring ll the fuels and

  2. Robbie Allen says:

    Is this in new Zealand

  3. Richard Higgins says:

    I want to know how Seaworthy the containers are. Would like to stack a few to make a Floating Home.

  4. Tandi Wall says:

    Hi ! My husband and I own a Construction company here in Northern Utah, and we were wondering if you have a catalog that you can send to us?? This is a wonderful idea! And it looks great too!! Please let me know. Thank you very much. Thank you. Have a wonderful day.
    Thanks… Tandi and Glade Wall

  5. David Pylyp says:

    What a fabulous idea to repurpose containers.

    This must save thousands on construction and install costs.

    Perfect for a graded ravine setting.

    David Pylyp

  6. Bill says:

    I drew up a rendering of this design on Google sketch about 6 years ago. Hmmm…

    • John says:

      In 1980 I presented to the business school at WMU idea to recycle plastic and make white plastic fences out of it. They gave me. c and said no one would pay $80 a section.

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