High Heel Cupcakes


Having dessert has entered a stage in today’s trends which involves great taste and ingenuity. Chefs don’t just throw a nice and delicious recipe on the plate, they also put a lot of work into coming up with an attractive and impressive design of any kind of dessert. So if you too want to cook or bake like professionals, you will have to work a lot more on the creativity side. Luckily for you, the internet is here to help you get inspiration and come up with your own designs and models. Take this High Heel Cupcake for instance. It’s one of the most impressive desserts you will see in a while. The tip of the shoe is actually the cupcake whilst the high heel is a chocolate stick. That’s so clever! With an interesting build and an attractive color scheme, you will be tempted to have the whole array of high heels on display. Not to mention the cupcakes will disappear in a delicious instant.

Below we provided a video tutorial on how you too can make this creative piece of dessert. Good luck!


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