Maps of What the Earth Would Look Like If All Ice Melted

The melting of ice caps and global warming is the biggest environmental threats humankind is facing in these modern times.

What would happen if all the ice would melt and raise the sea levels?

A true disaster that might be the end of life as we know it. To raise awareness on the issue, National Geographic has recently created several maps that show the Earth and its ice melting in different stages. Ranging from bad to worse scenarios, the sea levels would rise by 216 feet in this simulation leading to loss of habitat and food for many species and for humankind.
According to scientists, there are five million cubic miles of ice on Earth at the moment and it would take up to 5,000 for this to melt. Since the Earth is constantly melting because of technologies used by man and pollution, the process of melting is accelerated and the ice will slowly disappear.
If these facts are not alarming enough, and won’t push people to get involved in environmental causes then maybe the maps created by National Geographic will create some buzz.

North America
The entire Atlantic seaboard would vanish, along with Florida and the Gulf Coast. In California, San Francisco’s hills would become a cluster of islands and the Central Valley a giant bay. The Gulf of California would stretch north past the latitude of San Diego—not that there’d be a San Diego.

London? A memory. Venice? Reclaimed by the Adriatic Sea. Thousands of years from now, in this catastrophic scenario, the Netherlands will have long since surrendered to the sea, and most of Denmark will be gone too. Meanwhile, the Mediterranean’s expanding waters will also have swelled the Black and Caspian Seas.

Predominantly desert, the continent would gain a new inland sea—but it would lose much of the narrow coastal strip

via [ National Geographic]

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