Solar Mountain Is a Permanent Art Installation That Would Produce 300 MWH of Renewable Energy at Burning Man

A shift towards more sustainable living has been one of the major revelations of this past year, and there seems to be growing interest towards design that has an environmental impact. Not only that major design brands are starting to focus more on how to treat the planet in the right way and invest their profits in good causes, but now major festivals are also following the trend.

Burning Man is among the most well-known art, music, and performance festivals out there and there are famous for the unique installations displayed on the festival fields.
That’s why, Mumbai-based studio, called NUDES, designed an amazing piece named Solar Mountain which is intended to be displayed at Burning Man.
Their creation would become a permanent piece and it features a series of solar panels that can generate 300 MWh of electricity per year. The panels start from a core which is the central spine of the installation and was inspired by the nature surrounding Fly Ranch, the festival’s spot.
NUDES plans to build modular pieces using recycled wood and sustainable materials and the four units will result in a total of 182 solar panels. This amazing solar mountain would be able to produce 318,645 kWh each year.

This permanent art installation called Solar Mountain is designed to produce around 300 MWH of renewable energy at Burning Man’s Fly Ranch.

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