This Giant Dog Bed For Humans Is The Ultimate Napping Spot

The Plufl offers an unparalleled napping environment designed to alleviate stress and anxiety.

The Plufl is a premium napping bed engineered to provide the optimal napping experience. It is created to maximize comfort and foster a sense of security, delivering relief for those who have ADHD, stress, and anxiety-related issues. A nap in the Plufl will boost your mood and have you feeling refreshed.

The Plufl is more than just a human-sized dog bed. Through many prototypes and iterations, we have meticulously crafted and designed the Plufl with premium materials to deliver an experience like no other.

Its features include a thick pillow border for users to tuck their hands and feet into, an orthopedic memory foam that provides ample support, and a soft, luxurious faux fur that is calming to the touch. Its oval shape cradles you into a natural fetal sleeping position that will have you sleeping like a baby in no time.


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  1. J says:

    What are the dimensions?

  2. Teresa R Serritella says:

    I want one for my birthday

  3. Eileen Holmes says:

    I would more info were to buy it from and the cost of this product plus post prices thankyou Eileen holmes

  4. Agnes says:


  5. Pat s says:

    I have to try one of these out

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