Yes, You Can Own A Fluffy Mini Cow And They Make Great Pets!

If you like cows but don’t have a farm, you can still buy an adorable mini cow as a pet. There are different breeds of mini cows that have fluffy fur and they remain tiny in size even when reaching adulthood.

There seem to be 26 breeds of mini cattle in the world, and they are often held as pets or for smaller-scale milk production. Tiny sized cows can have different colors and markings and depending on their size the price starts from $1,500.
You will also find a lot of farms across the USA that specialize in the breeding of mini cows and according to breeders they are very sociable and affectionate. A small-sized cow can be a great pet for children, as they have a pleasant temper, are cute and the kids are going to love them.
Having a mini cow as your best furry friend can also bring a lot of joy for the entire family and teach your children how to become responsible adults and animal lovers.

Even Howie Mandel loves mini cows!

Why Miniature Cows?

1. Mini cows are exceptional pets that demonstrate a great deal of affection, are very social, and are easy to take care of.
2. Miniature Cows are great tax write-offs for the small acreage farmer.
3. Mini cows will mow your small pastures, produce fertilizer, and are easily contained with a simple hot-wire.
4. Miniature cattle are a great inexpensive way to teach your children responsibility, and some very useful agricultural fundamentals. Their small size makes miniature cattle easy and safe to work with for any enthusiast.
5. Miniature cows do not require expensive handling equipment.
6. Miniature cattle can easily pay for themselves through the sale of calves and potential tax write-offs.
7. Miniature Cows can be a great business opportunity. Demand for good quality miniature cows is very high.
I currently have a waiting list that extends into 2021, and hope to be sold out by October this year. Miniature cows also make great petting zoo animals, and I use mine for local promotional events for companies. Feel free to contact me if you have any business questions.

Source: Lovable Little Ones

33 Responses to “Yes, You Can Own A Fluffy Mini Cow And They Make Great Pets!”

  1. Sandra says:

    Would love to have one how much do they cost

  2. Kelley Holmes says:

    Where are you located? Do you know anyone in Louisiana breeding these? Thank You

  3. Kristie says:

    Where do I put myself on this waiting list!!

  4. Lisa says:

    A irresponsible post. “mini cows” are like “mini” pigs, there is no such thing. They are are kept small by nutritional deprivation and inbreeding -and they still grow up to be big. Can we please STOP breeding designer animals to satisfy human fancy??

  5. William Seagrave says:

    I have a half acre fenced in area with 2 dogs, I would love to foster or adopt a calf

  6. Leriam pelaez says:

    They are so cute!!!

  7. Hi, liked your article on mini cows. I live in Wyoming and have an almost perfect set up for raising mini’s. Can you tell me of any special handling needs. I have 8 acres and assume they need shelter. We have severe winters here would they have special requirements? Also what type of vaccinations do they need? Are they sterile?

  8. Nasser says:

    My dear friend, I am very happy to see these two cupping cows. My friend, I need 3 cows and a bull of the best breed, exported to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Riyadh. What price my friend to them all.

    My friend I need a video clip

    Thank you
    WhatsApp/ 00966509009004

  9. Nuri says:

    Que hermosas vaquitas mini, ¿cual es su costo? Tengo un jardin algo grande para que pueda estar contenta. No tengo niños pero si un nieto de cuatro años que estaría feliz con ella. ¿En que país están?.

  10. Marijo Davus says:

    I want to keep in contact. Will be moving next year and want to get a mini cow.

  11. Ellaina serfling says:

    Interested. We have a tiny mini Pony and a couple goats would they get along okay in a pen with them?

  12. Tracey says:

    Can I get one already bred? So she’ll calf and produce milk? How much milk do they give…?

  13. Kathie Johnson says:

    What is lowest price for mini cow and mini bull? And where in Oregon can I find them?

  14. Jennifer says:

    This is a Horribly misleading post. Cattle are livestock, not pets and only as docile as you handle them and train them to be. My husband and I raise registered Highland cattle (which the photos are of) are still 500-600lbs as a miniature and up to 2600lbs as a full size. These cattle have HORNS and will kill you if you do not have the knowledge to train them properly. Just sticking them in Hotwire does not make them a good “ pet”. Please just stick to your goldfish and cats.

    • Windy Foster says:

      Well Said, Jennifer! This is how the trouble starts. If you have to ask, “What’s the lowest price for a “mini” cow, then you cannot afford one, nor do you have any business caring for them. Is your property legally zoned for livestock? Do you have enough acreage to properly house a grazing animal? Do you know whether you have the right kind of grass, even? Do you know what their dietary needs are and what supplementation is required for your area? How much fresh water? What about shelter? Vaccinations? Worming? Hoof trimming? Does your local vet do Large Animal Medicine? Do they know how to reduce a displaced abomasum before your cute little investment dies a painful death right in front of you? Can you identify bloat? Grass Tetany? Dystocia? Prolapsed uterus? Milk fever? Hardware disease? A hoof abscess? A “mini” cow is still a COW! Unless you have experience raising livestock or you have enough money to hire someone who does, PLEASE, as the above poster suggested, stick to cats and goldfish!

  15. Joanna Latham says:

    Please send me info on where, how to purchase mini cows. The breeds you have and when can I put my name on the waitlist?

  16. Heather B. says:

    What is your website? Are you currently selling or have favorite breeders for miniature cows?

  17. Cate says:

    What is the lifespan of a miniature cow? Are there many veterinary concerns to be aware of? They look super cute.

  18. Rachel Oister says:

    I am looking to adopt two of these cuddly critters. Please let me know how we do that? In our school district, we do not have a football team but a 4H club instead. I believe these would be perfect for our five year old to join and learn the responsibility required to care for them. She already wants to be a vet and has a worm farm. Lol. Please advise. Thank you.

  19. Scott Hunter says:

    I’m interested in discussing business opportunities.

  20. Paige ELLIOTT says:

    I would like to have one.

  21. Judy shelton says:

    More info on where to purchase a mini cow for.our farm please.


  22. Kay Thompson says:

    Hi would you ship to Australia?

  23. Wes says:

    You clearly have no clue what you are talking about , please shut up until you get a clue or a brain cell whatever comes first.

  24. Diana says:

    Jennifer, you are SO right! No matter what their sizes, they ARE cattle, and cows are not necessarily easy to train, tho most vows are faiy docile, they can get annoyed,.. and an angry cow is not what most people know how to handle.

    AND they will require much.more than a back yard to be happy

  25. Shara Marhofer says:

    Would love my info for our farm in Texas! Where can we get on a waiting list or know who sells in our are?

  26. Julie Rush says:

    I am very interested in a miniature cow. How to get on the wait list

  27. Darlene lauterbach says:

    I want one

  28. Kelly Ambron says:

    Yes you should have experience with Bovine!! Yes you should make a life long decision on if you can care for them, provide what is needed and time with them as with any other member of your family! I would like more info on these particular cows? Would like one pregnant cow to grow old with my Mastiff’s and Danes,milk? I work from home.Please send info

  29. Joyce shafer says:

    Interested in purchasing miniature cow. Please forward price and availability, breed and location where cows are.

  30. Joyce shafer says:

    Interested in purchasing a minature cow can you contact me or call 304-541-9759

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